Bathroom Wall Art Ideas and Advice

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Bathroom Wall Art Ideas and Advice Editor | Bathroom, Interior design, Painting and decorating Your bathroom is up there with the bedroom as the most intimate and personal space in your home. It is of vital significance in your daily routine. I pay special attention to mine and have been decorating it using bathroom wall art ideas for a long time [...]

Spring renovation trends for your home

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Spring renovation trends for your home Umair Haider | Advice hub, Home Improvement, Painting and decorating Spring isn’t just a great season to clean your home, it’s the perfect time to renovate it as the temperature starts to creep up and you can open your windows and doors. There are always new and exciting ways to turn your [...]

Bedroom ideas

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Lighting ideas for your bedroom Mudassar Hayat | Bedroom, Lighting For me, the most important thing about a bedroom has always been the dark. I’ve wanted it to be as dark as possible, so I don’t wake up with the sun on my day off and my body clock isn’t confused by the street lighting if I [...]

Bathroom Lover

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International Bath Day Kesar Ali | Bathroom, Home Improvement Bathroom Fitter. For those of you who don’t know, 14th June is International Bath Day, and no-one is happier about this than John, our Senior Copywriter. Here he talks about his slightly bizarre love of baths, along with his quick tips for transforming your bathroom from the functional [...]