Solution to find bedroom space

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How to maximise your bedroom space Natalie | Bedroom, Home Improvement Aside from perhaps the living room, the bedroom is the one room in our home which can truly be described as multi-purpose. It needs to provide a place for us to sleep, watch television and double up as a dressing room too. That’s without us even considering [...]

Plaster advise

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Plaster Repair Before Decorating Iain Aitch | Painting and decorating Home decoration can cover a multitude of sins, as anyone who has ever bought a wallpapered home will have discovered. Stripping back the wallpaper with a steamer can be a satisfying task, but it can also make you wish you had never started, especially when it appears that the [...]

Modern Kitchen Design : Hidden Kitchens

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Modern Kitchen Design: Hidden Kitchens Rachel Ogden | Interior design, Kitchen There’s no mistaking my kitchen as a kitchen. Everything is on show, from the oven to the dishwasher and even a plate rack (which I don’t use for plates, having given it over long ago to a collection of cookery books). However, the latest modern kitchen designs [...]

Kitchen Storage Solutions

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Kitchen Storage Solutions Editor | Home Improvement, Kitchen Storage is something that everyone is always craving more of, are we a nation or hoarders? When it comes to kitchen storage rows of fitted wall cupboards may seem like the obviously solution, but as we are hailing the renaissance of the free-standing kitchen and the retro pantrywe had to come up with [...]

Boiling Water Taps – Yes or No?

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Boiling Water Taps – Yes or No? Editor |  Advice Hub by Hamara Mazdoor The boiling water tap is the new must have kitchen gadget, but costing Rs-100000+ they are only likely to be found in designer kitchens. Appliance brands are all trying to jump on the eco bandwagon and Quooker, the Pakistan's most notorious boiling tap, is no [...]